Bundespolizei-Taschendiebe Kampagne

Within the framework of the German EU Presidency 2020, ORCA Affairs and ORCA Campaign were commissioned by the German Federal Police (BPOL) with the conception and implementation of an EU-wide prevention campaign to counter the phenomenon of bag and hand luggage theft in the area of international rail-bound travel in as many EU member states as possible. 

The challenge was to combine the existing, country-specific awareness campaigns in a joint umbrella campaign and thus position it as a European initiative, starting from Germany. 

The campaign focused on where the risk of pickpocketing is greatest – at train stations. Potentially endangered passengers were encouraged to be careful with posters and short clips and could use their transfer time to learn more about the tricks of pickpockets in direct dialog with the BPOL (German Federal Police).

Blumenschenker Bundespolizei Kampagne
FakeTourist Bundespolizei Kampagne