For the federal police force ORCA Affairs applied its strength and experience in the area of recruitment campaigning. We react to the increased demand of personnel with a wide-stretching approach to the campaign that connects the online- and offline dialogue.

We target potential police candidates from Gen Z with a fresh and emotional campaign language. At the center of the campaign: of course, the police officers themselves!

Whether in motion picture, on social media with influencer cooperations, or at “Coffee with a Cop” at train stations and other live-events – they represent potential role models and people to identify with, representing the diversity of the federal police force doing thrilling work with a purpose.

Federal Police Force interactive – Julia Beautx vs. Luca

As part of the recruitment campaign the ORCA group, together with Studio 71, created a successful influencer campaign for the federal police force. The goal: place the police as an attractive employer in the minds of Gen Z. The result is an interactive video, in which the well-known Youtubers Julia Beautx and LUCA compete against each other solving a fictitious case – supported by police candidates from the apprenticeship- and training center Eschwege.

The eight-part video-series has an interactive character, spectators can insert themselves into the displayed police work. The video-series was a complete success. Within the first 24 hours it was successfully placed on place 1 and 2 of the YouTube trends and until this day was watched around 5,3 Mio times. Since autumn 2017 the ORCA group is working in the recruitment campaign of the federal police force. You can find more information at

„FUNKDISZIPLIN“ – the Federal Police Force Podcast

As part of the recruitment campaign ORCA produced the federal police podcast ‘FUNKDISZIPLIN’. Since June 2019 five real police officers exchange their radio for a microphone to give the listeners an insight into their work routine. Every two weeks a new episode is published in which Johannna, Susann, Simon, Daniel and Philippp discuss apprenticeship possibilities and career options in the federal police force. In special episodes they get visited by a variety of specific units – ranging from sniffer dogs over the special unit GSG9 to the president of the federal police force, Dr. Dieter Romann. The podcast is mainly targeted at Gen Z, more specifically, future police candidates.

Since the publication of the first episode two seasons with a total of 24 episodes went online, reaching around 34.000 listeners and 23.000 subscribers.

You can listen to the podcast ‘FUNKDISZIPLIN’ on the usual platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or Deezer, as well as on the YouTube channel and the career website of the federal police nachzuhören.