Working at ORCA.

Who we are:

We are strategists, campaigners and creative craftspeople – for public institutions, associations and companies. We are independent and owner-managed and dedicate ourselves to public relations and media relations including (Germany-wide) campaigns. In other words: As an agency for socio-political communication, we design, research, produce and communicate – with 70 ORCAs at four locations: Berlin, Hamburg, München and Bremen.

Our customers include numerous ministries and higher federal authorities – from the Federal Foreign Office to the Central Office for Information Technology in the Security Sector.

Since March 2022, ORCA Affairs has been a certified Sustainable Partner at Sustainable Meetings Berlin. We are continuously working to think holistically about sustainability in order to offer our employees a sustainable working environment – and to enable our customers to implement their projects sustainably.

We have had our sustainability performance certified in the five fields of governance, risk & compliance, economy, environment and society. In this way, we are doing our part to make Berlin one of the most sustainable locations in the world.

A day in the life of an ORCA:

9 am:

Today is a bridge day? Then stay in bed! At ORCA Affairs, they are on the house, regeneration is important after all … Not a day off? Then you decide: arrive and check in at the office or start up the coffee machine at home. Our work is flexible – in the office, from home or from Tuscany. What is important to us is not WHERE you work from, but WHAT you do AND HOW.

9 am –12:30 pm:

Checking e-mails, answering calls, an internal meeting with the tandem partner. It’s about supporting customers with all their questions: Which communication measure is the best? How do we reach our target group? And what about social media? Is a conference booth beneficial for me in the 21st century? How much does a three-minute image film cost?

You are responsible for strategy and conception as well as the implementation of a colorful bouquet of communication and PR formats. The topics are just as broad as your interests: You promote volunteering, sustainable nutrition and sun protection in Germany, track down junior staff for the federal government or ensure that every household in Germany prepares for crises and disasters.

12:30 pm: Lunch Break!

In the office, it’s now time to swarm out together in search of delicious food – and there are a lot of them around Schumannstraße in Mitte. Vietnamese, Italian, Turkish or german food: every taste bud finds fulfillment here. And sometimes an ORCA reaches for the grill fork him or herself…

1:30 – 6 pm:

How time runs … In the afternoon, you turn your gaze inwards: Where do I see room for improvement, how do we find a solution together? You coordinate with the graphic designer, make phone calls to the print shop, update schedules and budgets – In short: You keep the project running through prudent project management – whether it’s a clear landing page or a Germany-wide campaign.

18 pm: After Work

Maybe there is a cold drink and a table tennis duel or an English Movie Night with pizza on the program. And if we are back in lockdown: Our digital game master provides variety in your own four walls.

Honestly? Some days are completely different … Because if there is one routine we have, it’s change.

Become an ORCA.

Nothing suitable?
We also look forward to unsolicited applications! Tell us what you can do, what you are passionate about, why you are the perfect addition to our ORCA family - and why, deep down in our hearts, we have always been waiting for you!
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