The police union “Gewerkschaft der Polizei” (GdP) is the biggest police union worldwide. Their 150.000 members give 100% on their daily missions. And now they are asking for this 100% commitment from the state.

ORCA Affairs and ORCA Campaign created a concept and implemented a campaign for the GdP that effectively summarizes and publicizes the demands of the GdP. For this campaign, members of the GdP from different areas were photographed for a testimonial campaign on a federal level.

May 1st, GdPixeldemo

May first is traditionally the day of unions. With one exception: members of the GdP cannot demonstrate for their demands on this day, because they have to ensure the security of others. This year limited contact due to Corona posed an additional hurdle.

The solution? ORCA Affairs created a digital Pixel-demonstration on the campaign website. Here you can join the demonstration fairly easily: add your initials, your age, your cause, and add your avatar via drag & drop to the digital march. It is still possible to participate: