Gesundheit Politische Kampagne


For the early summer of 2021 ORCA developed a concept and implemented a campaign around the topic ‘heat’ in the name of the Federal Center of Health education. A campaign website, including the concept, technical oversight, editorial and content-care, SEO-optimization and the analysis of user statistics was created. ORCA also created the corporate design, a coherent brand for both the written word and pictures, design grids and a corporate kit.

Furthermore, ORCA designed 10 postcards and created a concept for their distribution. Social Media kits tailored to specific target audiences were created and currently an interactive Quiz is designed by ORCA for the website of the Federal Center for Health Education.

In the future, this campaign will be expanded with further topics that relate to health consequences cause by climate change. Currently ORCA is consulting the Federal Center of Health Education creatively as well as conceptually about new measurements for the early summer of 2022.