www.wir-sind-bund.de is the apprenticeship and job-portal of the entire federal administration. Since February 2021 the portal presents itself in a modern look: It was re-designed and given a new editorial concept. Next to job-offers you can also find on the website new information around the topic applications, especially without a German passport or a German School diploma.

ORCA Affairs and ORCA Campaign were tasked by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees to create a concept and implement an ad-campaign for the job platform on a federal level. The young age group of 15–25-year old’s was addressed directly offline and online with a wide-ranging action-portfolio. The goal of the campaign was to increase the awareness of the job-portal, enforce the integration of young people with migration backgrounds, as well as to support the advancement of an inter-cultural opening of the federal administration.

At the heart of the campaign the key visuals encompass 22 diverse figures, who represent the intercultural openness of the federal administration. In addition to a variety of online-advertisements on the most important social media platforms of the target audience ORCA Affairs is also developing a micro-site enabling users to playfully get to know ‘Wir sind Bund’ through the creation of their own avatar.