Our office – our philosophy.

“We have always done it this way …” So what? We do things because we think they’re right – and because we want to deliver better results to our customers. For us, swimming against the current is not a tedious task, but creativity. We do not want uniform thinking and acting, but encourage independence and an abundance of ideas.

As ORCAs, we work in tandems because working in teams is more fun and we believe in learning a lot from each other. For our customers this means: continuity and consistent quality throughout the project.

For us, new work is not an inanimate slogan, but a daily reality. We rely on flexibility and needs-based work. The furnishing of our office reflects our mentality (s): from the lively, multifunctional meeting room to the silent, concentrated library to the tech-savvy media room. Our customers are always welcome in the spacious conference rooms!

We book desks in advance using the app, depending on what’s on the to-do list for the day. And those who need the peace and quiet of the home office for their tasks can work from home using the latest technology. As ORCAs, our customers can reach us at any time, regardless of location – in the gray Berlin winter, some ORCAs are even said to have swum as far as Tuscany …

Our philosophy in brief? You are not born as an ORCA, but you can become one: with the necessary dose of openness, humor and willingness to learn.