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Since being commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) in early 2015, ORCA Affairs has been in charge of the coordination and elaboration of the project “German Unity Cycle Route” (Radweg Deutsche Einheit) which Federal Minister Alexander Dobrindt unveiled on 30th September 2015 in the course of the ceremonial act “25 Years German Unity”.

The German Unity Cycle Route runs from Bonn to Berlin and represents how Germany has grown together since the reunification. With custom-made, modern bikeway service areas and a range of digital innovations, the German Unity Cycle Route is trend-setting for modern bicycle traffic.

Our tasks include:

  • Conceptualization, coordination and communicative consulting of the project “German Unity Cycle Route”
  • Developing communication strategies in order to market and to consult the “German Unity Cycle Route” communicatively
  • Fostering cooperation between the involved states, municipalities and stakeholders

Thus far, we have implemented the following steps:

Designing the logo and corporate designs for print and online.
Radweg Deutsche Einheit

Coding, designing and maintaining both website and app as focal information platforms, including ongoing development.

Radweg Deutsche Einheit

Radweg Deutsche Einheit

Development of a concept for the digital service points.

Radweg Deutsche Einheit

Creating and producing an animated film including a making-of.

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Conceptualizing, realizing and producing an image film.

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Radweg Deutsche Einheit

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